Thursday, May 30, 2013

Marvelous May

May was so good to us! Every weekend was great. So here are some of the highlights:

We went to the famous Roscoe's.  What do they serve, you ask? Chicken and waffles! And that is exactly what we got when we went to eat.  After we headed over the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships where BYU was playing Irvine once again... Unfortunately this time it didn't end so great.

Jeff & Marcus

Me & Brittany
The following weekend Jeff's school had a "splash for cash" event where they through $500 in ones and fives in the pool and let students dive for it.  Jeff made out with a whopping $33! (In his defense there was a bunch of people and some of them TRAINED for it. haha)  Then he played in the accompanying dodgeball tournament and took home the gold and another $55! Needless to say, it was a profitable weekend for one!

One of the most awesome things we did was take a quick trip to Las Vegas to finally use our Cirque Du Soleil tickets!  And by quick I mean we drove to Vegas, had dinner at the Olive Garden that Jeff surprised me at 3 years ago, watched the show, and drove home.  We were gone a total of 11 hours.  But it was worth it not to sit in traffic!  The show was incredible!  The stage has a giant pool in it with a retractable floor that kept coming up and down for the divers and acrobats.  I can now check this off my bucket list.

Can you see the excitement on my face

Other very noteworthy news is that our good friends the Nelson's had their cute baby boy! :) But in sad news our other close friends the Van Wickles moved away :( We are so excited for both of their new adventures!

Couldn't he pass as mine??
Farwell VW's
Finally, Memorial Day Weekend! We ventured over to Arizona to hang out with Emily and Kenny!  We had the greatest time visiting the Grand Canyon, playing games, swimming, and playing tennis. We got so lucky that the weather was so perfect the whole time! Hopefully we will have many more adventures the them in the near future!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

April, April, April

During April, we got to celebrate this cutie's 28th birthday:

He wanted a neck beard..
The next day we headed out to Anaheim for this giant California Dental Associate fair.  Jeff had to present some research while I went to some classes for the office.  There were tons of vendors there; however they have gotten quite stingy on giving out free stuff! We still each walked away with a large bag full, so I can't complain.
It was a very long day.
Jeff played in a charity basketball tournament that weekend. Even though the team didn't win, he got in some quality bball.
Look at those hops!
Much of the rest of the month was busy crafting and planning for our Young Women's Fundraiser.  This years theme was "Country/ Hoedown."  We made the cutest decorations this year! We also had an adorable photo booth, homemade rootbeer, live band, bake sale, and yummy pulled pork. I would consider it a success!
Every table had these with a basket of peanuts!  We used a lot of glue for the 100+ flowers we made!

The wanted posters are of the girls and their dads. They turned out soooo cute. They each made up their own nicknames, what they are wanted for, reward, and phone number to call. 

Cutest banners ever. And I made all 100 feet of them!

Awesome photo booth. It turned out so great!
 We also got to finally visit the LA Temple! Our friend Brad from BYU got married there to his cute wife Andrea.  The weather was absolutely perfect.
The flowers were so pretty around the reflecting pool.

It is huge!

Oh Adbray.

Aren't we cute?
Between the sealing and the reception, we got to visit Santa Monica Pier. We had never been there, but definitely plan on going back! The beach is nice with tons of things to do and the pier is full of games and rides. The only downfall is the crazy traffic and parking, but I guess that's the price you pay to be in California!
Pier in the back ground.

Oh and did I mention that Jeff graduates in a little over a year??? Time is flying!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

March Mania

Another month gone (and almost another). In March we got to visit our friend Audrey down in San Diego and meet her cute baby.   It was fun catching up and always nice to be so close to the beach!

The following week we got asked to be “Tribal Leaders” for Youth Conference… The only catch was that it was in 3 days.  I guess some couples dropped out last minute and apparently we were on the top of the list for replacements {partially since Jeff’s cousin is in the Stake Presidency}.  We dropped our plans and headed to the one day retreat.  We got a great bunch of kids, so it made the 14+ hour day in the heat not so bad. We got to wander in the desert {aka the wash}, listen to Book of Mormon characters tell their story throughout the day, and eat surprisingly good food.  Not to mention, we got sweet farmers’ tans from the day.
Team Limhi!

They decided to have us climb up these huge rocks at the end of the day in the pitch black.. Genius.
The next week was my birthday so we celebrated my birthday at work with some yummy Peruvian food! 

 After work, me and Jeff hit the road for Vegas to meet my parents and brother.  We spent a day in Vegas visiting Ethel M’s chocolates, M&M world, and Coca Cola World. {You can tell we are super health conscience} Then we ventured to Mesquite and rented an ATV and went exploring.  Needless to say, Dave is a crazy driver.  My arms hurt from holding on for dear life :-p We had yummy food and then had the dreadful drive home on Sunday among the billion of Californians who had the same idea for Easter weekend.

Happy Easter!
Oh ya, we got mustaches and wore them around Vegas... NBD
Dave got us stuck...

He drove so crazy that it broke the door and it had to be tied shut. Hence, Dave climbing over the door.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Fun

As usual, I am behind again. So here is a mass update of February.  Besides Emily's wedding, we celebrated Valentines Day:
I thought I was so clever. Jeff LOVES redvines!

Valentine's Day fell during $1 Jamba Juice week, so of course I loaded up!

The valentines I made for Young Womens...Never cutting small things again!
 We took the youth up to Forest Falls to go sledding! It was perfect. Lots of snow but not very cold, and only 20 minutes away!
Aren't we cute?

Here we come America's Funniest Home Videos! This was probably the best part of the day.  I still can't believe we got it on tape. That is Jeff sledding and then a kid from church not paying attention..
My sledding debut: 

We also got to go to a BYU volleyball game at UC Irvine! Irvine was #1 and BYU was #2, so it was suppose to be a great game.  It totally was! BYU lost the first 2 matches (first team to 3 wins) and were down in the 3rd game.  Somehow they managed to come back and won the last 3 games! It was so fun being at a game where there were more BYU fans than the other school! (technically this was from March 1st, but we will still consider it part of February.)
I think volleyball might be my favorite sport to watch..
Welcome March! Don't let me down in my birthday month!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toddlers to Temples

This weekend was so exciting because I got to see one of my oldest friends get married! And even better, Emily tied the knot to one of Jeff's mission companions! {Small Mormon world} We drove through rain, sleet, and snow to get to Arizona, but it was so worth it! It was so nice to get away and visit with friends.  We stayed at Jeff's friends Hunter & Lacy's house.  Hunter is in dental school there, so it was fun to see them talk about everything dentistry. Anyway, Congrats Emily & Kenny!
Friends since we were babes!

I can't wait til they move to Arizona so we can have some weekend getaways!

Yummy cake!

Snow in Cali! This is like 10 minutes from our house...

Jeff swears his eyes are open. Poor guy was running on 3 hours of sleep.
{No pictures from staying with Hunter & Lacy, but they were such great hosts! Hope to see them again soon!}

Thursday, February 7, 2013

And there went January...

I’m not exactly sure what has kept us so busy this month, but I feel like we have something every single night.  Between Jeff’s 4 basketball and 1 soccer intramural teams, youth group, school, and work, we have still managed some excitement.  A few highlights: Jeff reclaimed his championship title in the Stake 3 on 3 basketball tournament! For all the juicy details about the take down, check out Erika's Blog.
Shirts and blue ribbons for Jeff, Nate, & Drew!
 We had the annual Youth Retreat for the teenagers in our ward, but this year was even better because Jeff got to come since he is in Young Mens! Quite a different experience than last year. This year it snowed on us and was freezing, where last year we had really warm weather.  It was wonderful and the kids had a blast.  
Sunrise! Look at the ice on the tree!

Jeff was really in to ping pong. He was the champion.

Our awesome banner for this year's theme of "Stand Ye In Holy Places"
 We also got to attend the wedding of our friend Belkis.  Jeff baptized her on his mission and we were lucky enough to get to go to her sealing in Newport Beach!  We love her family and had so much fun talking and dancing with them at the reception.
Newport Beach Temple

Belkis & Alex!
Last, my friend Elisabeth from MO came and stayed with us for a few day while she scoped out the area.  We will be lucky to have her and her husband so close in the near future! 
We came out in matching blue pants one morning... No worries, I changed.

Here’s to February!